Symphony Workforce

Symphony Workforce is a minority lead workforce development company. Their Find the Why! program facilitates brand awareness and career exploration among young people ages 13-25 for NHA member hospitals. Find the Why! is a new approach to age-old problems of workforce development, talent acquisition, and employee retention.  As a virtual, gamified platform FTW! meets and engages young people in the digital world where they live.

Bellevue University

Double Your Tuition Assistance

NHA Services, in partnership with Bellevue University, is pleased to offer employees of NHA Members an extraordinary education benefit that effectively doubles your organization's tuition assistance.

*If your current tuition assistance benefit is $5,250 per year or less, TA Boost may double that amount per year. If your current tuition assistance benefit is more than $5,250 per year, TA Boost will add up to an additional $5,250 per year.