AblePay Health is the next generation patient financial engagement tool that dramatically increases patient revenue, collection efficiency, and the overall patient experience. 

Through AblePay, NHA members receive the following:

  • Prompt payment in 14 days, with absolutely no recourse.

  • Patients/families save up to 13% or extend over time with savings or 0% interest.

  • No patient denied along with no credit checks or propensity to pay scores.

  • Easy implementation and integration; lower costs and better staff utilization.

  • No changes to current internal processes and keep current vendors.          

  • AblePay Health assumes all the financial risk for their members.


To learn more: watch our video by clicking the image below: 




Financial Solutions

Primary Phone: (402) 651-2103

Primary Contact

Shelly Soupir, SVP, Provider Markets

600 Hamilton Street, Suite 400 Allentown, PA, 18105


  (402) 651-2103