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Every day, teams of doctors, nurses and clinicians serve the patients that live in their communities. When those providers struggle to collaborate with each other, avoidable mistakes happen, resulting in patient harm and devastating financial burden.

We believe that a patient's full care team should be able to seamlessly collaborate, particularly during vulnerable moments in a patient's care journey such as clinical encounters. Our solution is straightforward, focused, and impactful. By enabling better collaboration across providers, we can lower costs and improve health care delivery for all. See our impact on providers and patients here.

Improve margins by reducing uncompensated care and enabling success in incentive programs

As value-based care models continue to expand, care coordination becomes even more important, particularly among vulnerable patient populations. With a focus on helping both hospitals and patients achieve positive outcomes, Bamboo Health helps avoid unnecessary utilization by reducing readmissions inside and outside of your system, transitioning ED high utilizers safely to community care, and enabling organizational initiatives such as BPCI-A and post-acute performance management.

Bamboo Health also guarantees full e-notifications CoP compliance under CMS’s Interoperability & Patient Access Rule.


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