Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Double Your Tuition Assistance

NHA Services, in partnership with Bellevue University, is pleased to offer employees of NHA Members an extraordinary education benefit that effectively doubles your organization's tuition assistance.

*If your current tuition assistance benefit is $5,250 per year or less, TA Boost may double that amount per year. If your current tuition assistance benefit is more than $5,250 per year, TA Boost will add up to an additional $5,250 per year.

TA Boost is an innovative program from Bellevue University

A world leader in educating motivated adult learners, Bellevue University offers many advantages. They include strong student support, a wide variety of career-relevant degrees, and these additional benefits:

  • Payment Deferment
    Bellevue University has agreed to allow you to defer payment to them until after they receive your tuition assistance. That means less for you to come up with out of your own pocket.
  • Transfer previous college credits without charge.
    If you've already taken some college classes, you shouldn't have to repeat them. Bellevue University is a leader in evaluating credits you already have so you can transfer them into your degree program. And you won't be charged a transfer fee!


Bellevue University - Make your degree work.


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Debbie DeBolt, Senior Key Account Manager

1000 Galvin Road South Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

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