ChartSpan is the largest chronic care management (CCM) and MIPS managed service provider in the U.S. and provides turnkey, fully managed care coordination programs for health care providers, and then leverage that care coordination program to deliver high scoring MIPS compliance. ChartSpan’s Annual Wellness Visit solution further empowers physicians to increase Medicare patient participation each year while positively impacting MIPS performance. It turns the waiting room into a revenue room.

At ChartSpan, the mission is to improve patient health outcomes that reduce annual patient health care spending. to achieve this mission, they remain focused on key goals, which include:

  • Aspiring to deliver innovative and life-changing health care technology and services to consumers and patients.
  • Striving to deliver amazing solutions that help providers engage more proactively in the care of their patients and practice outcomes.

The solutions offered by ChartSpan are based on the belief that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes. However, asking overburdened physicians and their staffs to implement a care management and coordination program is impractical. That is why ChartSpan solutions relieve the workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenues, and better patient outcomes.

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Operational Support Solutions

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Shane Grivich, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

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