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Critical Marketing

Most Critical Access Hospitals are not getting properly reimbursed for marketing expenses.

Critical Marketing is dedicated to maximizing advertising budgets for Critical Access Hospitals with simple, pre-made plans, easy reimbursement methods, and legal support that help stretch marketing dollars further.

Our tailored marketing solutions showcase your offerings across key platforms, supported by expert guidance and diverse channels to maximize your budget and meet your goals seamlessly. We amplify your brand by creating high-quality content that grabs attention, establishing you as the trusted source and thought leader in healthcare.

We also offer diverse recruitment strategies that help you attract the ideal candidates for your facility’s unique needs. By leveraging demographic data, browsing trends, and search behaviors, we put you in front of your target audience at the right place and time.

Get in touch with us today and see how your hospital can receive reimbursable marketing dollars that help you invest more effectively in expanding your reach and impact. Elevate, integrate, and dominate with Critical Marketing. Visit


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Operational Support Solutions

Primary Phone: (402) 316-4671

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Sara Gadeken, CMO

836 10th Ave. P.O. Box 37 Sidney, NE 69162


  (402) 316-4671


News Channel Nebraska TV

News Channel Nebraska (NCN) is the only in-state, independent television network of its kind. One of the largest news operations in Nebraska, we connect communities across the state by redefining how content is created and delivered to our valuable viewers. Our station gives you access to local audiences who stay informed of news, weather, sports, traffic, and local lifestyles. Broadcast TV provides advertisers with the opportunity for a large area reach. We invest in our area communities and offer exclusive content such as streaming live sports and community events, which gives businesses a unique way to get in front of many local viewers.

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Telemundo Nebraska TV


Telemundo Nebraska is the state’s first network affiliate delivering local Spanish news.  Telemundo Nebraska covers three DMAs- Omaha, Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney, and Sioux City.   Telemundo Nebraska is over-the-air by antenna in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Beatrice, Columbus, Grand Island, and Sioux City.    It is on Cable in all three DMAs, also on DISH in the Omaha DMA and on Hulu, FuBo, and YouTube. It is the only local Spanish language connection to over 268,000* Hispanics in the three DMAs.  It has the only local Spanish language news airing Monday through Friday at 5PM and 10PM and delivers vital information to a segment of the population that speaks Spanish as its first language.

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Connected TV/OTT Advertising provides businesses with a programmatic advertising platform, where marketers can reach their ideal audience based on consumer demographics, purchase behavior, interests, online browsing behavior, location intelligence and more while the user is streaming. We are also one of the few companies using ACR and census data to create a targeted, cookieless connected TV advertising solution, ‘ZTV’- that offers inventory-first and audience-first buying targeting methods.



Radio is the true mobile medium. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there…the companion and the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go. When it comes to successful marketing - the two major keys are consistency and frequency. Radio provides a cost-effective (and sometimes entertaining) way to get your message out at the frequency you need. Whether it’s a catchy jingle or a great promotion, if they’ve heard it enough on the radio, you will be at the top of mind when the time is right. Radio remains a strong and productive medium for all advertisers who use it. Its local presence targets those that listen to find out what is happening now in the community, acting as your constant companion, with you wherever you are, providing many opportunities to make an impact. Our stations reach audiences across the state of Nebraska, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota.

The big boy 987

1043 KIMB

US 92

94 Rock

ESPN Flood Communications

988 Vibe






Fiesta 945




Digital Services


The Right Time. The Right Place. The Right Person.

Our digital solutions allow your business to target even deeper, placing your message in front of your target audience where they spend time online, utilizing targeting segments such as demographic information, browsing behavior, and search habits.


Leveraging our keyword tracking solutions, we can target those searching for or reading about related content to what you offer online in multiple languages.



The most advanced mobile advertising technology is based on GPS location within specific geographic shapes. We can place your ad in front of those that have visited your competitor's location, an event, neighborhood, or a location where you know your target customers will be.


Addressable Geofencing

Target relevant audiences with household-level precision in zip codes you choose, with over 500 demographic and interests' variables.


Connected TV Advertising

Combine the reach and engagement of TV with the targeting of digital and maximize your relevance to audiences everywhere.


Mobile Advertising

Deliver mobile ads with a purpose using our robust targeting and our in-app and web inventory.


Video Advertising

Engage users via short-form video ads across millions of websites and mobile apps.


Display Advertising

Connect with prospective clients using audience-first programmatic display targeting.


Native Advertising

Enhance performance with highly relevant, content-integrated ads that can be more engaging.


Social Media Advertising

Maximize performance with social media advertising in addition to your programmatic.


Google Ads (SEM)

Maximize efficiency and performance across your digital channels by creating and measuring Google Ads alongside programmatic and social.


YouTube Advertising

Leverage an all-in-one advertising solution to deliver your ads to a highly engaged audience on the internet’s second most visited search engine.



Your brand identity is more than just your logo. It’s more than marketing materials or color palettes. Your brand identity is the culmination of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to your target audience. It influences the entire experience and ultimately affects how others view your credibility and business.


Good design creates a good perception of your business. Our designers work with you to ensure creative components line up with your branding goals.



Well-designed graphics help your business stand out from the crowd and leave the right impression. Collateral design promotes your brand and facilitates a relationship with your target audience.



Our in-house video production team will create videos that evoke lasting, memorable impressions. With the right message, music, voiceover, and crew; we can make sure your advertising campaigns are backed with a great production resource. Offering advertising videos such as commercials, features and pre-rolls, explainer videos, testimonials, training videos, brand videos, promos, and teasers.

Example videos:



Copy needs to be clear, concise, and compelling. Whether we need to craft short, powerful pieces that get attention, or we need to pen a powerful long-form narrative, we write to tell your brand’s story.