We are Experienced

For 30 years ETC Group has provided engineering solutions to improve building performance. We started doing this long before it was cool. Before ‘climate change’ was in the mainstream. Before ‘zero footprints’ were a thing. Now, let us bring our honed knowledge and expertise to you.

We are Passionate

We are passionate about saving energy and making a difference for our clients. Because it’s the right thing to do and because it makes sense. Why waste? Why waste your TIME and your MONEY when there are technologies that exist to DRASTICALLY REDUCE THE ENERGY USED BY YOUR commercial building?

We are Smart

While we’ll make it seem easy for you, we all know buildings are complicated. We dedicate ourselves to finding the best solutions for each individual project and we absolutely LOVE a challenge.

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Operational Support Solutions

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Chris Jackson, VP, Business Development

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Energy Audit

ETC engineers are experienced with energy systems in a wide array of facilities, from large to small.  We also work in industrial facilities to evaluate and optimize fans, pumps, compressed air, chillers, refrigeration, controls, process cooling, process heating, boilers and steam systems, combined heat and power and various manufacturing processes.



We use a Find-and-Fix approach to maximize your ROI and stop wasting time, energy and money!

Establish Baseline: measure and document building performance

Inspect Building Systems: Get equipment information and perform functional tests

Identify and Improve: Address control and mechanical deficiencies with appropriate solutions

Enhance Control: Modify control sequences or direct control system programming (from set-points and scheduling to advanced control strategies)

Share Knowledge: Train operators on the commissioned systems to protect and maintain optimized performance.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Protect your investment and improve facility performance with a MBCX solution.
Facility energy use tends to drift upwards over time.  Energy efficiency and performance gains are susceptible to “drift”, reducing savings from recommissioning or other energy efficiency projects.

Monitor: Deploy SkySpark (on-site or hosted cloud service) and connect to your facility's systems and devices

Discover: Sift through operational data using our analytics package to identify a 'hit-list' of evidence-based energy performance opportunities

Upgrade: Work with qualified contractors to reprogram, replace or recalibrate your building equipment

Verify: Validate system compliance, your equipment's performance and quantify savings

Optimize: Continuously monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) and analytics to protect your investment and improved performance. And repeat…repeat


Customized approach including services and equipment that are important to you.

Efficiency-focused design reviews leverage our years of experience working with building owners and developers to get their buildings running right

Controls emphasis in all of our projects, including new construction. From scrutiny during design, through shop drawing and submittal review into functional testing, we've got you covered.

Whether move-in or seasonal changes,we stay engaged during the warranty period and beyond to help you work through building “burn-in” issues.

SkySpark analytics - We incorporate SkySpark into our commission process early. We use it from point-to- point through our optimization services, allowing us to focus our efforts where they are needed most.

Project Delivery Service (PDS)

ETC Group’s Project Delivery Service (PDS) combines our Energy Engineering Services with construction management to simplify project management and accelerate energy-saving results. Under this model, ETC Group serves as one point of contact from project conception to project completion.

LED Lighting Solutions

Together, ETC Group and Vivid Energies work to deliver energy savings, improve aesthetics, and enhance overall building performance. Using decades of experience and industry knowledge, ETC Group and Vivid Energies have helped customers in healthcare, higher education, industrial applications, and numerous others to reach their energy management goals.  After partnering with ETC Group and Vivid Energies, customers can use lighting and smart building technology as a vehicle to improve efficiency, increase comfort, and financially impact their facilities.

RTU Insights

RTU Insights helps facility management proactively manage 10’s to 1,000’s of HVAC Rooftop Units (RTUs) by monitoring system data and providing automatic fault detection and alerts.

Break out of the standard repair and replace approach to managing RTUs. By delivering rooftop unit performance data and fault detection, facility managers can make more proactive and smarter decision in RTU maintenance. The product line is vendor neutral and designed to work with nearly any RTU on the market.