Five Nines

Five Nines

Five Nines is more than a support desk. We are a managed IT service provider that offers fully accountable IT management solutions across all technical operations. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their mission by taking care of all their IT headaches, enhancing critical security, and being a revenue builder instead of a cost center. Let us prove it to you.


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Operational Support Solutions

Phone: 402.827.1158

Primary Contact

Steven Bartz, Director of Sales & Marketing

5617 Thompson Creek Blvd., Lincoln, NE 68516



We have an entire team dedicated to nothing but the success of your backups, from day one.


We’ll working together to map out IT requirements and build those into a well-documented IT budget and plan.


We’ll make sure your IT Controls, policies, procedures, budget, and IT plans are compliant.


We have built an entire team of IT procurement managers to get you the right solution, the first time, so you can focus on your business.

Project Work

IT project management services are part of our fixed fee agreement, so our partners are able to plan in advance for upgrades and migrations.


Every month, you’ll get an IT audit report, offering you an at-a-glance review in several key areas.


From day one of a partnership, our IT security specialists will assess your current environment against industry best practices.

Strategic Planning

We will evaluate your current IT infrastructure health & risks, equipment life cycles, and IT deficiencies that pose the biggest downtime risk to your organization.


We deploy our support tools, provide your employees access to their customer support and “how-to” portal, as well as meet them to answer any questions or concerns.