KODE’s mission is simple. They are here to solve the long-standing problems persistent in coding. To solve for the same inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and wasted time and money occurring repeatedly, Kode created an on-demand coding platform – also known as the “Uber” for coding. KODE seeks to disrupt the current model by offering coders, hospitals, and physicians a revolutionary alternative. Their promise to you is to always make things simple, efficient, and straightforward at every turn.

With KODE, hospitals and health systems have instant access to Kode’s community of certified and experienced medical coders and can therefore meet deadlines and eliminate backlog with ease. You simply choose your chart turnaround time (24 or 48 hours), coder location, and can even choose your coder’s credentials and years’ experience. KODE is a one-stop shop for all your coding needs. With a simple click, you are now in complete control of when and how coding gets done.


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Financial Solutions, Operational Support Solutions

Phone: 973.245.9691

Primary Contact

Lindsay Agresti, Director, Sales & Business Operations

675 East 16th Street, Suite 220, Holland, MI 48423

Website: https://kodehealth.com/