Up to $180,000 in student loan payments available for medical professionals

June 4, 2021

Lincoln – As the school year winds down and recent university graduates begin looking to start a career, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has a lucrative incentive program for them to consider.

The Nebraska Loan Repayment Program offers loan repayment assistance for primary care, mental, dental and allied health professionals who agree to practice for a minimum of three years in a state-designated shortage area in Nebraska.

Increased funding for this program has eliminated the previous wait-list and new applications are currently being accepted. Doctors and dentists are eligible for up to $180,000 in loan relief, while other medical professions are eligible for up to $90,000.

Applicants can apply up to 18 months before being fully licensed and they do not need to be a Nebraska resident to apply.

Shortage areas are identified by the Rural Health Advisory Commission. The data comes from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Health Professions Tracking Service. Interested health professionals can click on their specialty and review a map of shortage areas throughout Nebraska.

The Nebraska Loan Repayment Program works as a 50/50 matching program between DHHS and the local employer. For more information, or to apply for this program, click here.

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