340B Webinar Series - Optimizing 340B Specialty Pharmacy

April 26, 2021

significant savings to your 340B program. The need to optimize 340B savings is greater now than ever especially considering the Manufacturer constraints that have complicated the 340B program.

In this session, we will share valuable insights for consideration in developing your 340B specialty pharmacy strategy and we will cover:

  • Why an entity should consider 340B specialty contract pharmacy relationships
  • The growth of specialty pharmacy and the opportunities for savings
  • Navigating the complexities of specialty pharmacy
  • Answering any questions you may have regarding in your 340B program

This webinar will be hosted by NHA Service preferred business partner SUNRx with special guest, Mary Van Hoozer, managing principal of specialty pharmacy at SUNRx, where we will be sharing some insights on how your organization can position itself with 340B specialty pharmacy.

Click here to register.  For additional questions or additional resources on 340B program management, please reach out to SUNRx.

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