Bio-Electronics and Mazree Spring Cleaning

February 20, 2024

Mazree, in collaboration with Bio-Electronics, is thrilled to bring you an incredible opportunity with our Spring Cleaning initiative in Nebraska. This isn't just about decluttering your facility of surplus and unused medical equipment – it's a chance to effortlessly boost your facility's budget. You simply identify the surplus equipment in your facility, and that's almost all you have to do. Mazree takes over from there – we'll pick up the equipment and handle the sale. The best part? You receive a check for these assets. It’s like getting paid for something you no longer need or use! 

Here are the standout benefits of joining our Spring Cleaning initiative:

  • Effortless Financial Gain: By partnering with Mazree, you turn idle medical assets into a significant financial advantage.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Our expertise lies in the seamless disposition of surplus medical equipment. 

Interested? Please fill out the survey here

Surplus medical equipment