Boys Town National Research Hospital announced collaboration with Mayo Clinic in pediatric cardiology care

August 9, 2021

Boys Town National Research Hospital is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Mayo Clinic to provide cardiology care for children in Omaha and surrounding communities.

Beginning August 2, the pediatric cardiology outreach clinic is providing diagnosis, care and treatment for a range of heart conditions such as murmurs and palpitations, syncope (fainting), chest pain, abnormal heart rhythm and various other congenital defects and
heart diseases.

“We are thrilled to begin this collaboration with our colleagues from Mayo,” said Jason Bruce, M.D., Executive Vice President of Health Care and Director of Boys Town National Research Hospital and Medical Clinics. “To provide a comprehensive patient care approach, we bring together multiple specialists to form the child’s care team, addressing the physical, developmental and mental health care of the child. Collaborating with Mayo Clinic allows us to bring their expert cardiology care to our patients and community.”  

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