Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (HIQR) program

June 6, 2022

Hospital-Specific Reports

A Hospital-Specific Report (HSR) is generated for each hospital that participates in the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (HIQR) program or the Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (HOQR) program. Hospitals may receive an Overall Star Rating based on whether the data meets the minimum reporting threshold (three measure groups, with at least three measures, one of which must be Mortality, or Safety of Care). Overall Star Rating HSRs are made available after the beginning of the preview period. HSRs provide more detailed information about the data used in the calculation of a hospital’s Overall Star Rating.

The HSR is a Microsoft Excel file that provides hospitals with a detailed summary of their:

  • Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating
  • Measure Group score results and weights
  • Individual measure results
  • Peer Grouping

HSRs are available to Registered Security Officials (SO) who have been assigned the ‘Auto-Route (IQR)’ permission will receive an Auto Route File Delivery Notification email indicating that the HSRs are available. HSRs will be accessible by logging into the Managed File Transfer (MFT) Dashboard and entering your HCQIS Access Role and Profile (HARP) username and password. From there, click on Mail in the left-hand navigation pane and locate your HSR in the Inbox folder.

If you are not a Security Official (SO), you will not have the proper permissions to access your HSR. Please contact the Security Official (SO) for your organization to confirm that you have the basic Managed File Transfer (MFT) permission and to be assigned the ‘Auto-Route (IQR)’ permission. You may also contact your Security Official (SO) to request a copy of your HSR. Once you have been granted the proper permissions you will have access to any future HSR deliveries.

Note: HSRs will be available in your MFT mailbox for a thirty (30) day period.

Click here to download hospital specific reports

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