Serenity Suite for victims of violence opens at CHI Health St. Francis

April 29, 2022

Grand Island–April 29, a new suite dedicated to the medical treatment and forensic examination of violence survivors will open at CHI Health St. Francis. The Serenity Suite, a $300,000 project funded by the St. Francis Foundation, provides a safe and private space to care for sexual assault, human trafficking and intimate partner violence patients so recovery can begin. Located near the hospital’s Emergency Room, the self-contained space was designed to reduce further trauma and promote patient dignity.

The three-room Serenity Suite features:

● a restricted access entrance – providing privacy and increased safety for the patient, forensic nurses and associated violence response professionals.

● a soft-scape consultation room designed with comfort in mind for the patient when meeting with community advocates, law enforcement and medical professionals.

● a medical treatment and forensic examination room stocked with all the necessary equipment for specialized treatment and evidence collection – the patient can remain in the same suite until dismissal.

● an advanced forensic camera – funded by the Foundation and St. Francis Auxiliary, this single-operator camera uses a filtration source to immediately identify bruising and injuries. It helps to reduce potential retraumatization by eliminating the need for additional photos and evidence collection at a later date.

● a private restroom and shower stocked with personal hygiene supplies and clothing “Crisis intervention, building awareness and decreasing violence is vital for the health of our community. From our forensic nurses to our generous donors, we are all passionate that survivors of violence are protected and receive sensitive, timely and expert care so the healing process can begin,” says Kiley Grzywa, vice president, Patient Care Services.

violence victim image