Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

For hospitals and health systems, workforce management is an area with significant opportunities to achieve cost savings. NHA Preferred Business Partner Medical Solutions is a leading provider of workforce solutions with a proven track record of helping Nebraska hospitals, as well as hospitals nationwide, streamline the staffing process and improve performance.

Workforce Solutions to Support Your Healthcare Ecosystem

Medical Solutions, one of the nation’s largest healthcare talent ecosystems, specializes in placing quality nurses, allied healthcare professionals, interim clinical leaders, and international clinicians in contingent as well as permanent, local, and per diem positions for hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities throughout the U.S. Our workforce solutions include a managed services program, which offers a streamlined approach to contingent workforce processes, helping facilities gain efficiencies, control labor costs, and enhance patient care standards.

Optimize Your Workforce with our MSP Program
Talented nurses and clinicians are in great demand and short supply, which makes finding and retaining the right people one of the largest challenges facing healthcare leaders today. As your managed services partner, Medical Solutions can help you get the right people in the right place at the right time. You get the peace of mind that comes with adequate staffing and your patients get the care they deserve.

  • Hybrid Recruiting Model – Medical Solutions employs nearly 900 internal recruiters, and we have created an affiliate staffing panel of ove300 staffing agencies to support our MSP program. Job requisitions are released immediately to all internal recruiters and affiliate staffing agencies, meaning our whole network is working on each requisition to find the best possible candidates. 

  • Clinical Team – Our clinical team of registered nurses carry out live screenings of every candidate we provide to our clients. We ensure that our candidates are the best clinical and cultural fit, as well as 100% licensed and compliant for all your requests. This approach has helped us to achieve a 96% traveler completion rate among our MSP clients.​

  • Technology – Medical Solutions brings a blended approach to technology that combines our human-first approach with technology. We’ve found that no single solution can truly fit the needs of every client unless it incorporates talented people that can easily adapt and pivot to meet new needs and challenges as they arise. With our technology, we manage reporting, compliance, billing, payroll, and timekeeping.  

  • Electronic Compliance Tracking  Compliance is managed by our clinical team and account managers so that facilities don’t have to worry about uploading documents or monitoring expiring credentials. All compliance data is available 24/7 in our client app.


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