Symphony Workforce

Symphony Workforce

Symphony Workforce is a minority lead workforce development company. Their Find the Why! program facilitates brand awareness and career exploration among young people ages 13-25 for NHA member hospitals. Find the Why! is a new approach to age-old problems of workforce development, talent acquisition, and employee retention.  As a virtual, gamified platform FTW! meets and engages young people in the digital world where they live.

FTW! is unique within the workforce development space. As a web-based, mobile platform, it ignores traditional brick-and-mortar, geographic and socio-economic limitations that traditional workforce development solutions now face. This is a unique opportunity for Nebraska health care providers to create brand awareness among young people across the region in attracting talent.


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Educational, Workforce Solutions

Primary Phone: 402.429.4700

Primary Contact

John Batcher, COO

72 Ginger Woods Road, Valley, NE 68064